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Case Study-Education Everest Academy

Holding a Higher Standard Safety, Carbon Reduction, & Cost Savings

An Illuminating Education and Environment

Everest Academy is a vibrant, faith-filled Catholic school that sets a high bar for every achievement, from academics to service activities. So when they came to us for help to improve the quality of lighting throughout their 90-acre campus, while at the same time reducing expenses, we knew the expected results would be above and beyond the typical.


Enhance safety, reduce energy costs and environmental impact, and provide an improved experience for over 500 students. Using the savings created from increased efficiency to invest in other mission-critical initiatives.


Install new lamps and lighting in and around five campus buildings. ERC to take on all the risk of design, installation, and ongoing equipment ownership and maintenance, and share the benefits generated each month, to give Everest Academy an excess budget for reinvestment in other school priorities.


• ERC completed an in-depth evaluation and analysis of Everest Academy’s existing lighting to make informed recommendations.

• We presented a plan for approval and then developed custom LED lighting solutions specific for each setting, from classrooms, to sports fields, to dormitories.

• ERC paid all expenses to convert existing lighting to energy-efficient LED, shouldering all financial responsibility including maintenance and replacement of any failed lamps.

• Everest kept the first portion of the benefits, ERC received the remainder.

Additional Outcomes

ERC gave Everest an inventory of installed lamps so the school had immediate access to replacement products, should one of the new lamps fail. This, combined with not having any upfront costs, and compounding financial returns due to reduced energy use, helped the school conserve crucial financial resources. Everest was able to invest that newfound capital in rapidly-evolving learning technology—one of their top priorities.