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Case Study-Manufacturing Petoskey Plastics

A Mission to Waste Less Wasting less equals success for Petoskey Plastics

Shedding Light on Petoskey Plastics’ Sustainability Goals

Sustainability runs through every aspect of Petosky’s business. They take landfill-bound plastics out of the waste stream and create new products from recycled materials. Each year, they set new sustainability goals with their recycled products as well as their manufacturing practices—and they came to us for a few bright ideas.


Improve lighting to reduce energy usage, CO2 emissions, and maintenance costs, and to create a better operating environment for Petoskey employees.


Convert all lighting at Petoskey’s Michigan headquarters and plant to energy-efficient LEDs


• Taking great care to work around production line operation needs and constraints, ERC converted over 700 fixtures, replacing over 200 6L T5 fixtures with new linear LED high bays.

• Some areas had different flooring and racking layouts and the previous lighting was not well-placed in every area. ERC used light meters to measure light levels and added new fixtures in areas that were dimly lit.

• ERC dramatically improved the quality of the lighting in both manufacturing and storage areas, especially over the lines, where workers needed to see clearly.